President's Letter February 2009

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After intensive preparations for the program for the first half of 2009, I am pleased to report to you. We have good news:

We greet the following new members:

  • Laura Deming,
  • Chris Yturralde,
  • Klaus-Dieter Vetter

We are grateful that our new friends wish to take part in the club and extend to them a very warm welcome! The Board is again at full strength. We welcome Alexander Baron von Engelhardt as a further Vice President. His tasks will deal largely with „Media Relations“.

The Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2009 (please be sure to note!) will feature the election of board members. All current board members will run for re-election.

One might ask why, after years of Annual General Meetings in January, that this year it occurs in April. The reason is, just as last year, that the annual report with independent review and audit report can be presented to the members only at this time at the earliest. This important right of the member assembly is to be preserved and protected.

The Board is endeavoring to engage for the event on that evening a representative of the US Embassy as guest speaker. At the current time (early February 2009), details are to be awaited.

Our members and guests can eagerly await the topics addressed by speakers at coming events; our next events will be on 24 February and 24 March.

In the trilogy:

  • Welternährung (Global Nutrition)
  • Weltklima (Global Climate)
  • Welternergie (Global Energy)

We have been able to engage prominent representatives for our club evenings;

  • on „Global Nutrition“: Dr. Artur Müller, corporate representation Berlin, Evonik Industries AG,
  • on „Global Climate“: Dr. Hermann Lotze-Campen, Potsdam-Institute for Climate Change Research,
  • on „Global Energy“: a representative (yet to be named) from the field of solar energy.

We will issue separate invitations for each event. Please also consult our website, where you can find current information.-

For 19 May 2009, we have invited in Tom Koenigs, a representative for a current political and economic topic „Afghanistan“.

Die ZEIT describes him ( under „Karl Marx, Joschka und ich – Tom Koenigs, 63, >Revolutionary Fighter<, Greens-Politician and UN-Special Emmissary with large goals...“. We believe we can eagerly await this event.-

Our high school student competition „Best-Business-Plan 2009“ will reach its high point with a sparkling evening on 13 June 2009 – the competition so far looks very promising. Please also make a note of this date!

And also:  Summer celebration 2009, in July. Our Treasurer Britta Rathey expects everyone!